Our Services

Whether you are looking to enhance your existing landscape or undergo a complete overhaul, our broad array of products and services can help to create solutions that will provide a healthy and vibrant landscape providing long lasting enjoyment for years to come.

Soil Testing

Our landscapers know that the basis of an organic landscape is healthy soil. By understanding your space, soil, and growing conditions, we can improve your lawn efficiently and less expensively than conventional landscaping.

We design a plan customized to the unique growing conditions of your property. Soil tests are the first step we take in evaluating your soil’s condition. These tests determine how much organic matter is available to your plants and identify imbalances in the nutrients they need to flourish. Our team will then address any imbalances with NOFA approved organic soil amendments, compost, and fertilizers.

Compost Tea

Within soil, many different microorganisms work together and play a vital role in keeping the soil healthy. Our use of compost tea is an efficient and highly effective means of putting the “good” biology back into your soil to provide ideal growing conditions for plant life.

Our patented compost tea is an aerated solution that is alive with billions of beneficial microorganisms that can be applied directly to the leaf surface of a plant or used as a soil drench to improve root systems. It is made by concentrating and aging compost in liquid form. Compost tea is used as an organic fertilizer to restore diversity and build the population of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa within the soil.

Perfect Plants in the Perfect Place

Serna Organic Landscaping & Design helps you choose plants that are suited to your site. This creates far less disturbance and requires less maintenance than trying to change your site to suit the needs of the plant.

A plant that is suited to a site will be a healthy plant that is less prone to disease and pest problems. Serna Organic Landscaping & Design utilizes plants indigenous to the Greater Boston area to create an organically maintained low-maintenance landscape.

Water Efficiency

Healthy plants located in the appropriate environments require little to no irrigation. Keep in mind that new plantings will require additional watering for the first year but will eventually be weaned away from extra water.

Sustainable Lawn Alternatives

Lawns are high-maintenance areas. Serna Organic Landscaping & Design specializes in creating appropriate lawn alternatives that add beauty and interest to your landscape while lowering maintenance costs.

Serna Organic Landscaping & Design can create, according to the conditions of your site, an attractive low maintenance organic landscape by planting native grasses, ground covers, shrubs, trees and perennials.